How To Sell Virtually To C-Suite & Decision Makers. -

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So let’s welcome it with open arms and kumbaya around a fire solidifying our newly found friendship.

Beginning in 2020 & 2021, Sales Reps and Sales Managers have had to be incredibly creative through this pandemic creating new ways to sell to buyers and decision-makers virtually with little to no guidance.

Those that have been successful with connecting and maintaining relationships have done so by having a diverse reach within one organization instead of just 1 point of contact.

When sales reps and account managers finally reach the stage of a sales call, you can be sure that the CXO or one decision-maker will most likely be on the call.

With tighter budgets and less time to spend nurturing relationships, decision-makers are becoming part of the sales process at the first stage of the buyer journey, the call, and here’s how you can win big on that call.

  • Do your homework– Make sure you know who will be on the call so you can research. Make sure you know who their buyer is and who their buyers buyers are.
  • Show them what’s possible for them– Giving them knwoledge of what their ROI could potentially be moves the needle higher and quicker in your favor.
  • Let them talk- The more your buyer talks the more information you will have to ask the right questions. They are the hero, you are just the guide with the solution.
  • Ask questions– Asking questions like “Why” and “How” creates a second level of deeper understanding for you and accountability for the person speaking. “Why do you feel that way about x?” “How do you think that will imapct x?
  • Call Visuals– Don’t underestimate the visual learner. There is a lot to be said about being able to see your vision and concept. Think about it this way- How many cars have you purchased without seing it first?

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