I became a recruiter in an unconventional way. I started out part time as a receptionist and after working for 6 months, I was offered a full time position winning accounts like Bloomingdale's, Bed Bath & Beyond, American Eagle and  Chico's.

I had no idea how much volume I was working with.

I left to take my dream job as a sales rep in the medical field. Side note: I always wanted to be a doctor, but life happened. I spent 6 years growing within the company making amazing relationships with accounts that felt like family.

I left because I wanted a family and wanted to help women 1:1 learn sales skills that are transferrable and could be use in any situation to create leverage for themselves if they needed to take a job to pay the bills. 

i was running multi-million dollar books of business and had no idea.

Real talk

But that wasn't always the case...

Your new sales hype woman! i teach businesses  sales skills that will help them grow personally and professionally

Hi! I'm Candice



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Love Notes


Courtney Lazar- The ELEVATE EFFECT

The sales plan she developed for us was incredible thorough and broken down into an executable plan that had the DATA quarter over quarter to back it up! 

One of the biggest thing I loved about working with Candice was her ability to pivot and meet the needs of her clients.

- Kaysha Weiner-

I now feel like I have a real business, with direction, instead of a hobby.

having you Revamp my offers not only increased my revenue, it brought me a higher end clientele. 


It was one of those things that I didn't realize how many calls per month, what my conversion rate was. All the metrics were really helpful. It was a really good gauge to see it month to month what that looked like.

One of the things I loved about working with you was the Data.

Went Full Time in CD Consulting

After juggling CD Consulting as a side hustle, It was time to go full time and help more women build their dreams.  


Launched Candice D'Angelo Consulting 

I knew their was more I could do. After getting to know the amazing women in the medical field and how they wanted success of their own, I had to do this for them.


Got my dream job as a Sales Rep

I finally landed my dream job! I quickly figured out which specialties really lit me up and enjoyed learning about neurology and orthopedics. I loved being part of patients recovery. 


Had my first child

My career was always important to me but so was being a mom. My son Alexander made my dream come true when he chose me to be his mommy. 


Started a full time job as a recruiter

Working as a contractor for corporate retail, I searched for happy buyers and planners and moved them to bigger and better opportunities for their retail career.