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Your sales dialog was so helpful. It created a more productive framework for my discovery call than I would have normally gone into a coaching session with. I would have given away the whole cow! My client said yes to moving forward!

— Fran R. | Annonymous


I appreciated all the insight you were able to provide in just one session! What really stood out to me was how you were able to read me, it helped me feel so good and understood. Your insight translated directly in improving my sales strategy along with defining my product suite. I left with so much clarity.

— Ariel Hodges | The Duo Way


Working with Candice was a breath of fresh air! Besides that she is such an awesome chic. She was able to help me get a handle on how much money I was making and really notice how my much potential my business has! Most importantly, I feel I have so much control in my business because I now have systems for different parts of my business. Working with Candice is a game changer and I hope you will feel the same way!!

— Monica c. | Owner – Rio’s Place