Investing in your business is critical for growth


Business Planning

For the next stage business owner

So you’re moving on and upward but not exactly sure which step to focus on next to grow and those growing pains are really stressing you out. This plan is designed to help you expand to the next stage of your business and you have already had success.

You’re having trouble keeping up with all the things and you’re not sure where to focus your time to grow the biz.

If you’re having trouble keeping the overwhelm away and really wanting to set boundaries this is for you.


Service Suite

For the business owner that wants to upgrade her services

Designed for the Fempreneur that has a few items in her service suite but it needs structure or a restructure. Nothing needs to be built from scratch but definitely needs some TLC.

You will receive a built-out quarterly plan with cash injection opportunities for you to market to your audience.

Show up confidently knowing that the remainder of the year is planned out for you and most importantly, you’ll be working in your zone of genius!


Sales Training

For the beginner that needs a little help

This plan is designed for the beginner who has been in business for 6 months to 1 year, is getting leads but is having a really hard time gaining traction and growing the business.

Sales is an art but it starts with learning the fundamentals of sales. This is not a program to teach you how to pitch in the DM’s or how to attract your ideal client.

This program will train you on how to develop great sales habits that will translate into giving your clients a great experience from the start and will give you a very profitable business