Be able to FOCUS on being the face and CEO of your company

Have CONSISTENT calls booked every month

Close sales twice as fast and DOUBLE your monthly revenue

Have a unique SALES STRATEGY that moves your buyers through the journey to close

Have your buyers FEELING GOOD about saying yes because they have been nurtured.

CONFIDENTLEY talk to your leads because they are ready to buy

What if you could...

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Now that we’re on the same page, here’s how we can make all those dreams come to life.

Doesn’t that sound like the dream?


SMM or VA Sales Training 

Lead Generation Specialist

Strategic Sales Goal Design & Implementation

Consistent market research so you can stay on top of your buyers needs

Consistent Leads in your funnel 

No more ghosted proposals

Accurate Monthly Sales Reporting

If you're an agency owner, this ones for you! 

No time to take your own sales calls anymore? In need of targeted lead generation?  It's time to take your sales from stagnant to consistent. 

Outsource our sales team to help you reach your income goals 2 times faster. 

Your very own trained sales team

outsource your sales

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Live lessons and modules so you can learn your way!

Closed Captioning and interpreter if needed*

How to confidently handle objections

How to use your unique personality type to sell

How to sell in the DM's

How to position yourself for uncapped earning potential

Live sales call role play so you can be a selling machine.

I want this!

After many attempts, I've finally released my SALES TELL ALL!

The Selling Lab is perfect for the social solopreneur (VA/SMM) who is looking to elevate their game and add lead generation to their skill set and MAKE MORE MONEY. 

This 12 week group program dishes everything I learned in my lucrative sales career and literally giving you the Tea. You'll learn how to strategically earn more clients and fill your roster AND your clients for that extra $$.

Hybrid Group Sales Coaching Program


Love Notes


Courtney Lazar- The ELEVATE EFFECT

The sales plan she developed for us was incredible thorough and broken down into an executable plan that had the DATA quarter over quarter to back it up! 

One of the biggest thing I loved about working with Candice was her ability to pivot and meet the needs of her clients.


I now feel like I have a real business, with direction, instead of a hobby.

having you Revamp my offers not only increased my revenue, it brought me a higher end clientele. 


It was one of those things that I didn't realize how many calls per month, what my conversion rate was. All the metrics were really helpful. It was a really good gauge to see it month to month what that looked like.

One of the things I loved about working with you was the Data.

Since we have already picked out our start date, my team and I will start setting up office in your business. Imagine white boards with tons of numbers and projections mapped out to guide us to the top!

Make Magic Happen

Step 03.

After our call I'll send you a custom proposal that outlines the process and what to expect during our time together. There's a lot of catching up I'll need to do, so let's get started! 

Start Your Journey

Step 02.

Let me get to know everything you need me to know about you AND your success. A strategic partnership requires a strong bond from the beginning and I can't wait to hear how you got this far. 

We Meet

Step 01.

How it Works

You're looking for a strategic PARTNER with direct selling experience.

You're tired of doing it ALONE.

You're ready to have more CONSISTENT cash flow months.

You're ready to FOCUS on being the face of your business.

You have INCONSISTENT income months.

You CRAVE more direction in your sales business.

This is for you if...

After making several pivots and rebrands, I finally listening to the feedback in the failures I was having and decided to go full on Sales Agency. 

Feeling refreshed and fully aligned, I set out to accept the honor of being the sales expert that so many had already dubbed me. 

I offboarded my 1:1 clients and fully embraced the Agency life. I even said no to clients that needed sales coaching so that I could fully embrace the launch of my Agency.

And I've never looked back.

I now have my own team of sales educators, a thriving group program and agency clients that would never even think of letting me go and I want you to have the same success.

About a year ago, I was on back to back zoom calls, mentally exhausted, not working in my zone of genius and letting my business run me.

Real talk

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